Administration & Training

During my 20+ years working in a corporate buying environment I have implemented real-world systems and processes helping businesses to save, quite literally, millions of pounds. I thrive on efficiency and squeezing every single element of waste out of a process is my “bread and butter”. Understanding the theory behind customs is valuable (hence why I’m qualified to an Institute of Export standard) but having real experience and successes mean I can transfer what I’ve learned in other businesses to your current set up.

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Auditing Existing Processes

I’ll conduct a thorough initial audit of your current systems, processes, employee strengths and weaknesses and find you quick wins to streamline the administration of your imports or exports team. My service is all about value for money. I seek it in my business and I’m confident I can provide that same value to you.

Providing On-Site Training

The best leaders, in my experience, are also great teachers. I can take the subject of imports and, through the passion that I have for what I do, provide valuable insights to your team.

Whether it’s their first day dealing with the movement of goods across borders, or whether they’ve been in the industry as long as I have and need a refresher I can take your team through the current legislation, including any Brexit headaches you are still trying to keep abreast of.

Creating, Editing and Re-Implementing Processes

From my initial assessment I can create a list of recommendations and new ideas to restore or increase profitability to your customs department. However, we all know we can read a list of recommendations, throw them in your “to do” tray and pile every other task you have on top of them.

Why not let me take your team and turn them into a new and improved work force.

Keen to cut costs, save time and look out for the key areas you need to make sure you have covered in case of HMRC asking questions.

My Administration and Training Services

All of my services are bespoke to your individual needs. I can train your people, provide recommendations or help you to implement solutions. The choice is yours.

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