Imports & Exports

Importing and exporting goods can be a costly exercise if you aren’t fully up to date with current legislation. I am a trained, UK Customs Academy Accredited Professional and have been working in this industry for over 20 years so there isn’t much I’m phased by when it comes to the movement of goods.

Customs and Compliance

I can help tidy up your paperwork. Do you have the appropriate import/export licenses? Have you been importing from a country which issues a GSP but not claiming a reduced rate? Are you unsure of the correct commodity codes to use?

Customs compliance can be a real minefield even for those who are relatively familiar with the movement of goods. Add in Brexit to the mix and most companies are having a real headache at the moment. Here are just some of the things I can help you with.

Classifying Goods

One of the costliest mistakes that companies can make is by not understanding the use of commodity codes in classifying their goods for import and export.

Commodity codes can change without warning and I’ve even seen some be brought back around after a period of time. I can oversee your selection of commodity codes and ensure that you are paying the least amount of duty required by law.

The C88 – Single Administrative Document

At first glance, a C88 can be pretty daunting. I can show you where to look to check the duty, goods valuation and VAT declarations are correct to save you from problems with HMRC (for uk imports and exports) or other agencies.

Origin Rules

These are the rules that determine the legal source of a product. This is particularly important where goods produced involved materials that originate in more than one country. Are they classified as a Wholly Obtained origin or Last Substantial Transformation origin?

A mistake here can mean the difference between your products being profitable or not.

Tariff Preference Schemes and Free Trade Agreements

Preference schemes such as the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) and using countries where a Free Trade Agreement is in place can save a huge amount in duty if you are importing from qualifying origin countries and not exceeding any quotas.

If you are unsure if your goods qualify, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

Customs Special Procedures

These can help defer or reduce your duty liability, you must be authorised to use them and have to follow set rules.  The procedures are:

Customs Warehousing – Store your goods and defer duty payment until you either move the goods into free circulation for sale or move them to another customs procedure.  If you export the imported goods you may pay no duty at all.

Inward Processing – If you need to temporarily bring previously exported goods back to the UK for upgrade, repair or to be incorporated into another product, you should consider using this procedure.

Outward Processing – If you need to export goods out of the UK for repair, upgrade or processing let me help you use this process so we can either reduce and zero the amount of duty you pay when


An AEO is an Authorised Economic Operator and is a standard certified by the EU and recognised worldwide in relation to safety and compliance. Applying for AEO status is a significant undertaking but I can help you to take this step.

Re-importing The Product

Temporary Admission – This is ideal if you are temporarily importing samples, exhibition equipment and other items which are to be used for a short time only.  As long as you do not amend them in any way, you will not pay any duty or VAT

End Use Relief – there are some industries that are given reduced or zero duty rates to enable them to be able to compete with other business around the world, it enables the business to level playing field.  Must be for a prescribed use and completed within a set period of time.  Some of the areas it covers are:  shipwork goods, Aircraft and associated parts, Military Equipment, Fish, Cheese plus others

Returned Goods Relief – Sold or sent goods outside of the UK/EU and need to bring them back?  As long as it is less than three years since the goods were exported and we can trace the original export, I can help you ensure you do not pay the duty when you bring the goods back

ATA Carnet – Do you take goods out of the country and need to bring them back?  The ATA Carnet is like having a product passport.  It is recognised in over 70 countries and allows you to temporarily export and import your goods.  Depending on the country, it can be product specific and this is where I can help you.

Transit Procedures – Do you need to move your goods around the EU and its Special Territories by road?  Are your goods Customs Cleared or they being moved without the customs formalities having been completed?  I can help you move your goods, help find you the transport and complete the paperwork to ensure your goods travel smoothly and without any fuss.

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